How to wear an Overshirt

Choosing the perfect overshirt for an outfit

Overshirts are versatile items of clothing that are a sure staple in every man’s closet. They are the balance between a shirt and jacket. Overshirts are perfect for seasonal transitions when it is too cold for just a shirt yet too hot to put on a jacket. 

Here are a couple of tips on choosing the right overshirt and styling it correctly. 

Getting the right fit

For the perfect fit, the key word is loose. No point of the overshirt should be a perfect sculpt of your muscles. The sleeves, collar and chest should be loose enough to fit on top of a sweatshirt.  The hem should be just below the waist and above the hips.

Choosing the right material

The safest bet when it comes to the fabric on overshirts is cotton. Cotton is breathable and does great in all weather. Other fabrics that work well are; denim, flannel and twill. Khaki and corduroy overshirts are also timeless.

Patterns, patterns, patterns

If there is one pattern that is heaven sent, it is checks. They give the perfect combination of colors to go well in any weather and outfit. A checked overshirt should be paired with a darker jacket or a plain tee underneath to give it balance.


A darker overshirt is perfect for a smart outfit. This can be worn to the office or a date with tailored trousers and laced shoes.

Brighter colors are perfect for casual outfits. Pair bright blues with a white inner shirt and dark trousers.


Pockets act as accessories on overshirts. Choose uniquely-made pockets that stand out and wear less jewelry for a simplified smart look.

Darker and earthy tones give a rugged vibe. You can choose brown, dark green and grey colors for a chill yet rough outfit.

Look for overshirts with zips for a different and cool look. You can zip the overshirt halfway in the cold to reveal the undershirt. This is a cooler option to buttons.


The overshirt tempts you to over layer your outfit. Resist this temptation. An overshirt looks better in a minimal outfit. Wear the bare necessities; an undershirt or jacket on top. Limit your outfit to two layers, three at maximum.

Since the overshirt is baggy enough, pair it with fitting cargo pants for the ultimate look. Choose a plain or block color for the undershirt and put on dark boots or sneakers. For a casual look, jeans and trainers are the best option while in a smart-casual outfit, straight-cut trousers or neutral chinos are best.